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If you are looking for the ultimate comfort for your feet, look no further! Our Online Slipper Socks Store will provide complete bliss for your foot that you won’t be able to resist! You can use our online store to find the perfect slipper sock for you in the exact size, color, and material that you want.

Our online store is stocked with a multitude of different slipper products. Many customers choose to purchase socks in quantities of just one while others select packages that offer multiple pairs of socks at a discount price. The choice is entirely up to you!

Many customers are impressed with the vast number of designs they can choose from. Slipper socks come in every solid color imaginable as well as a variety of designs to match any style. There are many different prints and designs. There are even slipper socks that take the shape of an animal like adorable monkey or pig socks while others come with a sneaker design, stripes, snowflakes, or other exciting prints. These designs are tailored for people of all ages and genders. With such a wide assortment, you can find something for everyone all in one place!

The online store is easy to access, just click on the Slipper Socks tab to find hundreds of options to choose from at a very low price. Ordering is always quick and secure. Orders are immediately processed and will arrive quickly. Slipper socks are often difficult to find in person and usually come with higher price than necessary. Customers boast that our online Sock Slipper Store makes shopping for socks easy and affordable!

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Funniest Slipper Socks Commercial

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Slipper socks are socks that help walking on slippery floors and surfaces. In the video below, which is actually a commercial, you can see how great it is to wear them around the house. Children should especially wear them, since they run around all the time and are risking slipping, falling and injuring themselves. They are so great that even dogs want to wear them!

Watch the video below and see how this cute family dog is barely making his way through the house, because he keeps on slipping on the hardwood floors, while his owners are extremely relaxed with their non-skid socks on. Once he has his slipper socks on, the problem is solved!

This is definitely the best and funniest commercial for slipper socks I have ever seen. It is very well made, even though it is funny, and manages to properly illustrate the benefits of wearing slipper socks around the house. And the dog is simply adorable!

Slipper Socks For Your Dog

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Slipper socks are great for your dogs as they keep their paws warm during cold weather. Additionally, they’re soft, comfortable and easy to wear. Slipper socks for animals are perfect for indoor dog footwear and can match with some of your dog clothing range. They are available in three sizes: small, medium and large, featuring various colours, stripes and many other details that make them cute and nice.


There are pairs that have a puppy drawing and come with a great surprise- they give your dog a squeeze, so it will bark for joy and have a lot of fun. The velor trim and pretty shades of colors keep its feet warm until temperature increases.


There are other types that feature cotton spandex for a snug fit and silicon gel bottom that prevents slipping. You’ll see that there are many designs, colors and fabrics, meaning the best things for your dog.


You can order them from the Internet, make them by yourself or you can buy them from pet shops. Nonetheless, no matter which pair you’ll buy, be sure that’s lovely and comfortable. Your dog will feel great and will surely appreciate your care and affection. Some of them are knitted and look amazing, being also very cute. A few models have also animal stuffed toy on them, so they are fabulous.

Additionally, they don’t cost much, but your pet will feel amazing when the weather is cold. If you love your pup, spoil and take care of it by buying a few pairs of special socks.

Slipper Socks for Couples

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Couples can be quite trendy, even when they are inside of their house and they can play match up in a very adorable way. Forget about matching robes… how about matching slipper socks? Since the colder seasons have already started, it is high time you opted for some adorable, warm and comfortable slipper socks just for the two of you!

There are many models that you can consider and which come in a great variety of colors, through which you can create the image of matching warm feet! Here are the best couple models that you can opt for:

  • Knitted – grandma style – perfect for traditional couples and for those who appreciate vintage items.


  • Winter reinforced sole – to be worn around the house, especially during the winter, with an non-skid sole.


  • Funny winter pattern – great for welcoming those cold days and for waiting for Christmas. 


  • UGG styled – for the trendy one in you and for those who suffer from a poor circulation. 


  • Fuzzy – cute and comfortable for romantics and for those hanging around the house all day. 


  • Colorful – so that both of you can wear favorite colors on your feet. 


With these many options for slipper socks, couples have many opportunities to keep their feet warm and comfortable throughout fall and winter and also play match up with each other in the most adorable way.

Turn Your Regular Socks into Non-Skid Slipper Socks

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More than 2.3 million children end up in the emergency room every year for fall-related injuries. More often than not, they fall inside the house because they slip on on the ceramic, hard wood or parquet floors. The main reason why they get injured is because their socks are too slippery. This does not only happen to children, though, since adults can also slip and fall. If you want to prevent that from happening, a good idea would be to invest in non-skid slipper socks.


If you are tired of slipping on the floors inside your home, but too cold to go barefoot, then a pair of slip-proof socks is perfect for you. These socks will prevent you and your kids from falling while still keeping your feet warm.

If you do not want to invest in non-skid slipper socks, you might as well create your own by revamping your socks into a safer, non-skid style. With this do-it-yourself guide, you will be able to easily turn regular socks into non-skid slipper socks.

Here is what you will need:

  • comfortable socks
  • 2 pierces of cardboard
  • fabric paint

The non-skid slipper socks making process is very simple and can be completed in a few easy steps:

  • Step 1: Wash and dry the socks you have chosen;
  • Step 2: Trace each foot on a separate piece of cardboard;
  • Step 3: Cut out your print;
  • Step 4: Insert the cardboard template you have created into each sock and smooth the fabric over the template to create a flat surface;
  • Step 5: Paint a pattern with fabric paint on your socks.

TIP: The best anti-slippery and easiest to design templates are wavy lines, dots, and zigzags. 


  • Step 6: Dry the socks according to paint instructions.

There you go, your own personal non-skid slipper socks are ready to be worn! Now, you can wander around your home in stocking feet while resting assured that slipping will no longer be an issue for neither you or your family.


Watch the video below and see this simple process exemplified. It takes to little time and effort to turn regular socks into non-skid slipper socks that it would be a shame not to give this experiment a try.

Slipper Socks For Children

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When it comes to slipper socks, you have two great options to consider. The first one is to buy them from one of the local stores in your area or from the Internet. The second one is to make them yourself. No matter what you decide in this respect, it is important to make sure that what you buy or that what you create is perfect for the needs of your children.

What you have to pay attention to, first of all, is the pattern and the material of the slipper socks. If you are thinking of getting these so that your children can wear them around the house, you have to make sure that they have a soft and comfortable construction, so that these will not prevent the children from playing or from walking around. If, on the other hand, you are considering an outdoor wear, you have to look for the slipper socks which have a reinforced sole, so that they can walk around on various surfaces.


The finality of all these aspects to be considered is that the slipper socks have to offer a comfortable wear. The pattern must be chosen in such a way, so that it does not make the children feel pain or any other uncomfortable sensation. More to this, the choice of the sole must be made according to the usage of the slipper socks, as some may be more useful for indoors and others for outdoors.

Here are some models of slipper socks for little boys and girls that you may like to buy or to create for your children:


  • Sweet bunny


  • Cars


These are just some of the models of slipper socks that you can find on the market for your children. There are many more variations of these for boys and girls, especially with animals and with all sorts of images. Reinforced soles or simple patterned soles are also available for these models. You can buy these online or in your local stores, but you can also choose to get inspired from these and create your own in the exact same way or in a variation model. Regardless, you will create something great, comfortable and adorable looking for your children!

Cured Slipper Socks

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Slipper socks are worn also by celebrities as they are very comfortable and nice. If you will wear slipper socks, be sure that you will never want to take them off. They are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, being perfect both for summer and spring.

Nonetheless, there is an innovative product called the slipper sock that is used for foot orthotics due to its ultra-fast setting resin and high quality foot mold without the plaster mess and is ready in just minutes.




This type of slipper socks has several benefits:

  • no more time wasted holding the foot in a “neutral position” until the plaster hardens
  • no more staff wasted cleaning patients’ feet and legs and also cleaning up the room
  • no more “casting rooms”
  • no waiting until the next day to ship the casts to the laboratory
  • reducing casting time for foot orthotics by 50%
  • no more plaster clogging drains or getting on furniture, clothing or other things
  • no more plaster dust from separating messy splitting material


Slipper socks application mold process includes several steps:

  • Slip baggie over foot
  • Dip it in cool water. Or, hold it under running water and then squeeze the excess of water
  • Slip sock over baggie and then pull up around heel
  • Attach one end of slipper clip at apex of medial arch below elastic band


  • While holding the medial clip, pull gently up on the opposite clip draw the elastic band across dorsum of a patient’s foot; this step helps the sock conform to the plantar arch contours for high quality results
  • The foot has to be kept in neutral or desired position until resin hardens, meaning about 2 minutes
  • The slipper clip has to be released by rotating it back for forth similar to a cars ignition key
  • The heel of slipper sock has to be pulled downward away from heel
  • The sock has to be pulled off of foot using finger pressure on elastic band behind base of toes, but pulling off the sock has to be done very gently


  • The cured mold has to be teased off the foot and it should also be ready for shipping in approximately 60 minutes


In order to mark perfectly any osseous prominences or lesions, the cured slipper sock has to perfectly replicate the foot. The cured slipper sock is also the ideal casting material for marking custom foot orthotic devices.

Choose Slipper Socks For Comfort And Looks

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Slipper socks are amazingly popular nowadays, all around the world. People use them at home all year round, mostly because these socks are the most comfortable products of this type that can be found in sale. You just have to try them yourself and there is no way you will not love these products. When being at home, people just want to relax and spend a wonderful time in the most comfortable clothes possible. Socks make no exception from this point of view. With these type of socks, comfort and relaxation will be so simple to achieve in your home that you will definitely want to use them everyday.

One of the most important things you should know about the socks is that they will not only help you feel really comfortable, but they will also bring the major advantage of being trendy at all time. The socks are quite fashionable, and so will be you when using them. They will ensure the amount of body temperature that will make you feel great. This means that with the socks on you will never feel too cold or too hot. Anyone can use these products, regardless of their age. They are nowadays available in sale in a wide range of models and dimensions, to perfectly match all tastes. You can find great socks for the entire family, including your children and your spouse. As the socks come on all colors, you can actually have your personal collection of the most comfortable footwear possible, to match all your home outfits.

Even though many people imagine that slipper socks can only be used during the winter, they could not be more wrong. The socks are perfect for the hot days of summer, too. At hot temperatures your feet can have a lot to suffer, as they will no longer be protected by shoes. Feet relaxation and skin comfort is what you will easily obtain while wearing these great socks after a hard day at work. Made from the finest materials, the socks are simple to clean and dry. You can actually buy the best slipper socks models from the comfort of your home, as they can be found in numerous online shops. Buying online is very easy, so you should start searching for socks models, for the entire family. Just be careful at sizes before placing your order.

Wearing Comfortable Slipper Socks Throughout The Year

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The usage of the slipper socks at home is perfect throughout the year. Some people only find these types of items perfect for the winter, but you should know that they can bring a lot of advantages in the other seasons as well. The main point of the usage of these types of socks is that they are comfortable and that they can insure the amount of body temperature that gives you the state of normality in the house, that it is not too hot nor too cold. Therefore, these socks are perfect for people of all ages and for using them throughout the year at home.

During the colder seasons, their usage is rather understandable, due to the fact that they keep your feet warm at all times. More to this, they can be better for home usage, as you will not have to take on more pairs of socks and will not have to get your shoes on whenever you pass through a colder part of the house. For the warm seasons, they are perfect as well. You probably have experienced the situation in which you are light dressed because of the heat and you walk around the house without any socks or slippers on. At some point, your feet start getting very cold and that is when you will need this amazing product to get warm again. In addition to this, you can use them for lounging on the house terrace or on your apartment balcony.

The slipper socks are perfect for all seasons in conclusion. You can get a pair or more for each member of the family. Then, you can all enjoy a suitable amount of comfort and will also be able to stay healthy and to keep from small colds, which can occur when you have a situation like this. The slipper socks are very beneficial for you and they also look amazing. Since their market has developed so much in the past few years, they can now be found in very trendy patterns and models, in different colors, with images and words on them and so on. Therefore, these have become one of the trendiest house accessories that people of all ages should have, if they care about their health, about their comfort and about their health at the same time.

Summer Uses Of The Slipper Socks

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The most frequent uses of the slipper socks are during the winter. However, many people do not know that they can use the slipper socks throughout the year and that they are very practical for the summer. No matter how you take it, the slipper socks are the favorite things to wear for many people, due to the fact that they are very warm and comfortable. However, you should know that there are other versions of the slipper socks, which have been created for other seasons, as well as for other instances rather than just the simple home usage.

With the help of the slipper socks, you can make sure that your feet are comfortable at all times. You have to remember the fact that you need this comfort all the time, not just during the winter and that you may find it very useful in the summer as well. As the season of vacations is soon to be here, you can consider the usages of the slipper socks in a variety of instances, which will convince you that they are perfect for all days. For example, if you are not going on vacation for the summer, but are actually staying at home, you will find that, as the temperatures outside go up, the one inside your home is lowering. As a result, you will need something to wear on your feet in order to keep you warm and to prevent you from catching a cold. 

On the other hand, if you are going for a summer vacation, you may want to pack your slipper socks regardless of the location of your journey. Naturally, if you are going to a colder place, you will require these items. However, you may not know this, but the slipper socks may come in handy even if you are vacationing on a beach. For example, you can wear the slipper socks on the deck of the vacation house, so that you will not get splinters, but you will also have something more comfortable for your feet rather than other types of sandals, flip flops and various shoes.

Slipper Socks are Great for Hospital Personnel

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Slipper socks are perhaps one of the best inventions in the clothing industry. Slipper socks are great to wear anywhere, from home to work, especially in hospital buildings and physical therapy departments, where the floors are slippery and hard. These different floors must be slick and hard, as they must be easy to clean and sterilise. This can cause an issue for those who are always running around in these offices and rooms, so most of the times, they will walk around in socks.

Slipper socks with treads are one of the quickest and easiest solution for anyone suffering with loose shoes or anyone who must walk around a hospital without shoes. Simple treads on the bottom of the slipper socks are going to keep both patients and practitioners alike from slipping around on the floors of these various places of health care services.

The treads on the bottom of the socks are simply made of a rubber material. The main purpose of this material is to keep the slipper socks from slipping. The rubber of the slipper socks actually grips the floor much like a shoe sole would, but without the bulkiness or rigidity of a shoe. This is going to help prevent a wide variety of injuries that may occur when a patient slips and falls on the hard surface. For someone who is already injured or sick, the slipper socks prevent them from slipping and falling. Those who are wearing a hospital gown and slipper socks will feel safe and secure, as they walk on the hard and rigid floors.

Slipper socks are customizable, giving you opportunities to add logos to the rubber grips found on the socks. The slipper socks come in a variety of colours and sizes to give the employees and the patients the sizes they need and the colours they want. Whether it is for professional or personal use, the slipper socks are comfortable, warm and prevent you from any unwanted accidents.

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